Why CnX Player?

CnX Player

There are many questions that come to the mind when we search for good video player on App Store. Why we should download this player out of 100 media player available in market? What extra feature this player has which out performs this from others? And here is the answer of all the question that naturally comes to everyone.

CnX Player supports all popular file formats available in market at one place so you don’t have to switch to another player for different kind of files. We also provide high efficiency video codecs which help in consuming less battery and provides you long video playback very smoothly.

We provides a very easy way to manage video collections through your PC via browser in your iPad/iPhone which makes us different from the other media solutions available in the market.

Some extra features:
(1) Video casting to your TV using Apple TV, Google ChromeCast and Amazon Fire Stick.
(2) Sharing of video file with other apps in device.