Video Casting to TV

CnX Player

CnX Player 2.0 came up with the very interesting feature that people were waiting for from long time. Yes now you can cast your favorite video to the big screen via casting device available in the market like “Apple TV” , “Google ChromeCast” and “Amazon Fire TV Stick”.

We provide very easy way to switch your media to the big screen by just a single click. We have designed the artwork which will appear on the application when video gets cast on to TV.

We have also supported the remote of “Apple TV” and “Amazon Fore Stick”. But apart from this we also provides you with more controls from within the application.

Controls supported apart from remote are :
1: Move forward/backward to any time based upon your settings like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 60 seconds.
2: Easily switch to any location of current playback with a single tap.
3: Play next file.

This feature is only available as an upgrade feature. So to access this feature you need to purchase this feature within the app.