High performance Playback Core

CnX Player

CnX Player 2.0 came with major change in its playback core engine. Now it plays all major content available in the market with ease.

We have more optimize our software video codecs which helps you play Ultra HD 4K content with ease on latest devices which has powerful CPU/GPU like:

(1) iPhone 7/7Plus
(2) iPhone 8/8Plus
(3) iPhone X
(4)iPad with Apple A9 chips

We are one of the best in occupying good usage of hardware video codecs in media solution which helps us to reach to maximum devices which are incompatible to play content because of less resources available for software video codecs to perform in some of the file formats.

The best thing in CnX Player 2.0 is that we are one of the best in playing content smoothly on embedded device like phones and pads with less consumption of battery whether it has to play with software videos codecs or hardware video codecs.