10-bit Video Codecs

CnX Player

CnX Player got success in building media solution that supports 10 bit video codecs and now it’s available in the latest version 2.0 10-bit video codecs support opens many doors for media solution as now we have the capability to play professional video content with ease and also this feature helps us to reach many more market.

Many people have requested us to make the solution for 10-bit video codecs and thankfully we are able to do for them and also sorry for some delay in implementation of this solution. Hoping that now they can play there content smoothly without switching to another player to play content.

10-bit video codecs supported are :
1: H.264/AVC
3: VP9

NOTE : HEVC 10-bit codecs improvement needs to be done.

This feature is only available as an upgrade feature. So to access this feature you need to purchase this feature within the app.