There are many questions that come to the mind when we search for good video player on App Store. Why we should download this player out of 100 media player available in market? What extra feature this player has which out performs this from others? And here is the answer of all the question that naturally comes to everyone.

Got bored of the OLD look of the video players available in market. CnX Player 2.0 comes with a new interactive look. You can now experience the player in different color as per your likes. There is also a facility to change the visual appearance of the video collection. With a single click you can switch to any mode of visual experience.

CnX Player 2.0 came with major change in its playback core engine. Now it plays all major content available in the market with ease.

We have more optimize our software video codecs which helps you play Ultra HD 4K content with ease on latest devices which has powerful CPU/GPU like:

(1) iPhone 7/7Plus
(2) iPhone 8/8Plus
(3) iPhone X
(4)iPad with Apple A9 chips

CnX Player 2.0 came up with the very interesting feature that people were waiting for from long time. Yes now you can cast your favorite video to the big screen via casting device available in the market like “Apple TV” , “Google ChromeCast” and “Amazon Fire TV Stick”.

We provide very easy way to switch your media to the big screen by just a single click. We have designed the artwork which will appear on the application when video gets cast on to TV.

CnX Player got success in building media solution that supports 10 bit video codecs and now it’s available in the latest version 2.0 10-bit video codecs support opens many doors for media solution as now we have the capability to play professional video content with ease and also this feature helps us to reach many more market.

In today’s world we are so much digitalized that we forgot to read anything in the books, we always prefer to watch videos on our devices for our learning. And then the major concern comes with respect to eyes.

CnX Player is one of the few video players in the market which helps user to organize there content with ease. Apart from providing different visual appearance of video collection we also provides the management tool and that works on local network from your PC.